Dog Bite Victim Recovers, One Bracelet at a Time

Two months ago, Abbigael Sheehan’s childhood changed when a pit bull attacked her. The medical bills are piling up, her mother said, but the little girl has taken things into her own hands and helping pay the bills through her bracelets.

Abbi was at her dad's home in Middletown when a pit bull attacked her. Most of her eyelid was torn off and she had five deep lacerations across her face. "I was bit on my face by a dog," Sheehan said.

The pit bull was euthanized, but the ordeal goes on for the little girl.

Abbi's road to recovery has been slow and painful.

As medical bills started to grow, her mother, Merryll Macek, of Niantic, said, Abbi felt like she needed to do something to help and decided to make and sell the bracelets to pay for her own medical expenses.

"She's selling bracelets because her father isn't helping pay for the medical bills,” Macek said. “I haven't been able to work. My husband has had to take time off and we're behind on everything."

Abbi has teamed up with an Internet Connecticut jewelry store called Jewels by Mel, to sell her jewelry online.

"There's something wrong with an 11-year-old trying to pay for her own bills. I felt I needed to help," Melissa Smith, owner of Jewels by Mel, said.

The "All for Abbi" bracelets have been popular with people and boutiques across the country. Smith said many are buying in bulk.

"We've had orders from South Carolina, Florida even the United Kingdom," Smith said.

Abbi is determined and continues to inspire her mom everyday.

"I just look at her and say, ‘If she can do this, I can do this.’ She's amazing," Macek said.

All the bracelets cost $4 and will be sold indefinitely. The Thames River Detachment of the Marine Corps League donated the thread and charms.

NBC Connecticut reached out to Abbi’s father but he did not respond.

To order bracelets,click here.

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