Dog ‘Left Out to Die' in Suffield: Police

Police in Suffield, Connecticut are trying to identify the person who left a dog tied to a tree during Wednesday’s snowstorm.

Suffield Animal Control said the male dog, which may be a terrier breed, was “left out to die” off a trail in Stony Brook Park and found around 12:30 p.m. Thursday. It is not clear exactly how long the dog was left outside, but officials say it was at least a day. The dog’s leash was wrapped around the animal’s back legs, cutting off circulation.

Police said there were visible signs of neglect and abuse - the dog’s fur was severely matted, there were icicles hanging from it when the dog was found, and there was a tumor on one of the dog's legs.

The dog is currently being treated by a veterinarian and is expected to survive.

Police said there will be criminal charges when they identify the person, or people, responsible.

Anyone with information on who may have left the dog should contact Animal Control Officer Ryan Selig at 860-668-3870 or

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