Dog Found With Scars, Shaved Teeth Possible Victim of Illegal Fighting

An injured dog that was dropped off at an animal shelter in Branford might be from an illegal dog fighting operation, the facility's director said.

The dog was covered in scars, bleeding from severe cuts and his teeth were shaved down to the nerves.

"It’s kind of what they use to get the dogs to want to fight, and these dogs typically don’t fight back or can’t fight back because they’re tied or have no teeth access," Laura Burban, the director of the Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter, said.

A Branford couple found and brought the dog into the shelter, Burban said. He was rushed to an emergency vet hospital.

The dog is between five and seven years old and is about 10 to 15 pounds underweight, the shelter wrote in a Facebook post. 

After two days in the facility's care, the pit bull terrier mix is quickly recovering.

"He’s really come a long way since Wednesday when he first got here. His spirits were lifted today. He definitely looks like a happier dog," said Burban.

The dog has been named Freedom. He underwent surgery at a veterinary hospital and will stay at the shelter as he heals and puts on weight. 

The concern now shifts to where he came from.

The police will be involved if an illegal dog fighting operation exists in the community, Burban said. But based on what Burban knows, she doesn't believe Freedom came from Branford.

As for adoption, veterinarians will need to evaluate his personality to see what type of home is best for him after he recovers, Burban said.

If you’d like to donate to the Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter, you can here.

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