Dog Survives Bear Attack in Bristol

A family's dog in Bristol is recovering after being attacked by a bear on Monday.

Marie Struckman said her dog Charlie was out in their backyard on Holly Berry Road when the bear attacked.

In a Facebook post, Struckman said "It was the single most scariest thing I have ever witnessed. The bear bit and clawed at him. The amount of blood loss was ridiculous. Thankfully, after spending the entire morning in surgery, Charlie is home resting."

In Struckman's post, she said DEEP should try and relocate the bear, but DEEP said relocations only occur in limited circumstances when the bear is in an inapropriate setting such as near a highway or highly urban area.

According to officials at DEEP, we have an estimated bear population of about 800 that's growing by 10 percent per year with no way to control it. They say we can expect more bear interactions to happen more frequently.

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