Multiple Dogs Found Abandoned in Manchester; Animal Control Looking for Possible Breeder

Manchester Animal Control is looking for the public’s help to find a person or family that may be abandoning dogs in their area.

According to a post on their Facebook page, this comes after the department has impounded eight to 10 of these types of dogs in the last eight months, all found with signs of neglect.

The dogs have been intact, mostly male, between 1 to 4 years old, and were found with extremely matted coats, some with sores on their bodies. The matting required rescuers to sedate the dogs to shave them down, animal control said.

“It’s stressful having to be sedated to be groomed, and he’s shaking to death," Manchester Animal Control Officer Elease McConnell said of Alfalfa, one of the dogs found in recent months.

Alfalfa was found on the side of the road, like others found abandoned.

"One of dogs that we impounded… he kept straining to go to the bathroom. He was trying to defecate and he couldn’t,” McConnell said.

The dogs were often found in pairs, all over Manchester, including near the Glastonbury, East Hartford and Bolton town lines.

McConnell says they believe the dogs may be coming from the same place, and it's possible they were used for breeding.

Anyone with any information on these dogs should contact Manchester Animal Control at 860-645-5516.

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