Donated Toy Cars Will Help Children With Disabilities

The delivery is a part of the Go-Baby-Go project ,designed to help kids with mobility restrictions.

Mega-retailer Fisher Price is bringing smiles to children’s faces with the delivery of some soon-to-be toy cars in Connecticut.

The delivery is a part of the Go-Baby-Go project, designed to help kids with mobility restrictions.

Volunteers dropped off more than 312 unassembled toy cars at Hartford Square in New Britain.

Michele Dischino is familiar with assembling toy cars for kids who struggle with mobility.

“It’s exciting to have a donation and especially one of this magnitude,” said Dischino. “It’s just tremendous for us to have the ability to grow the program.”

Dischino had a hand in bringing a local chapter of Go-Baby-Go to Connecticut. But, when she got word of the 312 car donation, she didn’t know if she could take the entire fleet.

“I had a little storage space at the university but then I got an email that we’ve got a truck ready to go with 312 cars,” said Dischino. “I replied with can I have a little time.”

Community outreach and word of mouth helped Dischino find the perfect place at Hartford Square.

Connor Spencer is a senior at Central Connecticut State University. Spencer says he enjoys chipping in with the construction of the vehicles.

“We get to learn about adaptive technology for children who can’t get around on their own,” said Spencer. “It’s an invaluable experience for all the tech majors that volunteer.”

Spencer is the newly elected president for CARE, a student organization dedicated to community service projects.

“It’s a great thing to see the reaction of the kids but it’s also more of a beneficial experience for us to see the reaction of the parents,” said Spencer.

The Go-Baby-Go Connecticut chapter plans to host workshop to train teachers who are interested in helping assemble the cars.

Organizers are hoping to construct the cars by this fall.

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