Donations Collected for Residents Displaced from New Britain Apartment Fire

A fire forced dozens of people from their homes on Friday, but neighbors in New Britain are coming together to help them get back on their feet.

More than 50 people are trying to pick up the pieces after flames tore through the Springwood Apartments.

Dozens of residents found themselves trapped as the fire spread quickly.

People stuck on the higher floors rushed to their windows to escape the billowing smoke and to scream for help.

Some residents said they contemplated jumping before being rescued.

Despite the destruction, firefighters said nobody was seriously injured.

The American Red Cross is helping those affected and is providing money for three nights of housing, but of course, there is much more needed for those who have been displaced.

Donations started being collected on Saturday.

Many concerned citizens arrived at the House of Pizza on Stanley Street to lend support.

Items like clothing, toiletries and food are all needed and many people stepped up to provide a little relief during a very trying time.

"It speaks well to the community. The fact that there are times when we have differences, but when there's a necessity and something tragic happens, the community comes together across all," said New Britain City Council Alderman Christian Rosado.

Mayor Erin Stewart also released a statement about the fire.

"Any resident directly impacted by the fire is encouraged to contact our community services office on Monday so we can help identify needs and link them to community resources so that they can get back on their feet," she said.

If you would like to help, donations are being collected again on Sunday at the House of Pizza.

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