You’re So Smart Bridgeport and Stamford!

Judith Hernandez
Judith Hernandez

When thinking of the brainiest cities in Connecticut, what come to mind are large cities where prominent universities thrive, such as New Haven and Hartford.

However, prepare to be shocked and proud -- the Bridgeport/Stamford are is ranked the sixth brainiest city in a study conducted by, a site powered by Bizjournal.

With Hartford coming in at No. 25 on the list, Bridgeport/Stamford is basking in the top-10 glory, whicg includes Boulder (which took first place), Ann Arbor and Boston.

According to the Huffington Post, Portfolio gathered data from 200 metropolitan areas and measured the average level of higher education obtained by city residents and the relative earning power of adults.

With markets ranging in size from the 19.07 million residents of New York City to Burlington, Vermont’s quaint 207,600, all data used in the study came from the American Community Survey released by the U.S. Census Bureau in September. 2010, according to

Metro areas were scored on five levels of educational attainment:

  • Dropped out before high-school graduation
  • Stopped at high-school diploma
  • Stopped at associate degree or attended college, but stopped without any degree
  • Stopped at bachelor’s degree
  • Earned graduate and/or professional degree

Each adult -- 25 and older -- surveyed was assigned a score based on their highest degree of educational attainment. The scores were then averaged, producing a final score, according to

With an adult population of 598,633, the Bridgeport/Stamford area boasts 18.92 percent of adults with graduate and/or professional degrees and 24.7 percent with bachelor degrees.

The year 2010 has without a doubt been a great year for academic achievement recognition in Connecticut.

Earlier this year, Hartford-New Haven was voted second place in’s America’s Smartest (and dumbest) Cities, with rankings going from first to worst. And now we have earned the bragging rights to Bridgeport/Stamford’s success in the 10 Brainiest Cities Portfolio Study. Keep up the brilliant work, Connecticut!

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