South Windsor

Don't Flush Those Wipes: South Windsor Public Works Issues Reminder

Town of South Windsor Public Works

Don't flush those wipes and paper towels down the toilet!

That's the message from South Windsor Public works after multiple pump stations in town were clogged up with those items.

In a Facebook post, Public Works said that the materials had clogged four for the 11 pump stations serviced by the Pollution Control Department.

Officials said that the items are not designed to break up when wet and should be thrown out in the trash. Clogs at the pump stations can lead to backups into homes.

According to Consumer Reports, even wipes deemed "flushable" don't really break down easily in water and can clog pipes.

There has been a run on cleaning products like wipes and paper towels amid the coronavirus crisis, with people looking for ways to keep their spaces clean and sanitized.

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