Don't Monkey With My Monkeys

A Bristol woman is fighting to keep their monkeys if state legislators pass a new law banning certain animals as pets. 

Donna Norris has owned two Capuchin monkeys for years.  But in the wake of the chimpanzee attack on a woman in Stamford, the state is considering a measure that would make it illegal to keep exotic animals, such as monkeys, as house pets.

The bill, which would ban the possession of "potentially dangerous animals and the importation, possession and liberation of wild animals," could be voted on in the House soon, state Rep. Bill Hamzy (R-Plymouth) told the Bristol Press.

Norris tells the paper her family went through the proper channels to get the monkeys, and fear lawmakers will turn them into lawbreakers if the bill passes.  She wants her pets to be "grandfathered" into the new legislation.

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