‘Don't Think That Because You're Young You'll be OK': COVID-19 Patients Urge Caution

Two men from Norwalk shared their experience with the disease.

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Sean Massaro and his boyfriend Mario Cardenas are doing better after recently coming down with COVID-19.

“We’re feeling good. Really all of our symptoms have resolved,” said Sean.

Mario Cardenas

Mario’s case was so severe he ended up at Norwalk Hospital.

He shot a video of staff celebrating when he was finally able to leave after six days.

“I cried. I was just really excited to go home. And I cried when they started clapping,” said Mario.

In early April, the now 31-year-old was suffering from pneumonia, exhaustion and an extreme fever.

Mario says hospital staff gave him medications, including Tylenol and hydroxychloroquine, and they packed ice bags around his body.

“I have never been that sick ever in my life. It was really scary. It was really horrible and I just wanted the fever to break,” said Mario.

About the same time Sean was also diagnosed with COVID-19.

Mario Cardenas/Sean Massaro

While the 26-year-old didn’t have a fever, he did have some chills, a cough and some tightness in his chest, which he now partly chalks up to worrying about his boyfriend.

“I think some of that was nervous and stress and anxiety of just Mario having more symptoms that me,” said Sean.

Now about two weeks after Mario left the hospital, the couple says they had been healthy guys when they were hit by the coronavirus.

They remind their friends and others the disease can be dangerous for everyone and that’s why people should try to keep safe including by social distancing and washing your hands frequently.

Sean Massaro/Mario Cardenas

“Just being able to continuously follow those guidelines because it’s not worth getting sick,” said Sean.

“Don’t think you’re immune. Don’t think that because you’re young you’ll be OK,” said Mario.

We’re told Mario is uninsured and both of them worked in food service and have been laid off.

Wednesday was Mario’s birthday and they say there is still a lot to be thankful for, including the excellent care by staff at Norwalk Hospital.

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