Don't Toss That Receipt, It Could Be a Winner

What if every receipt could win you some extra dough?

Some New Haven residents who united over keeping taxes under control think offering a chance for money and prizes on sales receipts will stimulate the economy and ensure that purchases are being recorded.

Jeffrey Kerekes, a steering committee member of the grassroots New Haven Citizens’ Action Network, wants to turn every sales receipt into a lotto ticket.

“We have all seen or suspected instances where sales were not being recorded,” Kerekes said in a news release. If the state sold the register tape to all stores in Connecticut with lotto numbers pre-printed on them, consumers would demand receipts with each purchase, he said.

Here’s how it would work: retailers and restaurants would but register receipt paper rolls with pre-printed lotto numbers on them from the state. The state would hold drawings and offer cash or other prizes for people with winning numbers and the store would get a percent of the winning ticket.

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