DOT Explores Options for CT Fastrak Bus Between UConn, Hartford

 DOT has been studying running CT Fastrak buses between UConn and Hartford, and a report due out next week will reveal the results.

The bright green CT Fastrak buses may be busy with commuters, but they have time for more trips off peak.

"Midday, evenings, weekends," said Lisa Rivers, supervising planner for DOT's Bureau of Public Transportation. "We can provide those kinds of services using our existing fleet."

She told stakeholders at a meeting in Manchester there is no funding budgeted for serving UConn but she knows there's demand.

"We have a whole new campus that's going to be opening up in Hartford in a couple of years, and we're aware the students have been clamoring for transportation. They want to get into the city. They want to be able to access Union Station.

It is exactly what James Donovan, a UConn senior, wants.

"From here to Hartford a huge difference. It saves me pain of someone giving a ride over there, you know, gas money and such, so I think it'd be a good benefit to have them here, absolutely."

UConn students are used to riding shuttles from point to point.

Victoria McClelland, a UConn freshman, said, "The buses here on campus are pretty OK so it's easy enough to get around."

As an underclassman she's not allowed to have a car on campus. So the bus would be ideal to get off campus.

UConn's president, in a letter of support, said the campus's location is "a disadvantage in attracting talented employees." The buses would bridge the gap using existing high occupancy vehicle lanes and existing roads.

DOT planners will also study East Hartford, Manchester, and Vernon's local streets for possible rapid transit systems.

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