Downtown North Crossing Development Nearing Completion of First Phase

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The Yard-Goats home opener is just one day away, and there is a lot of construction right across the street from Dunkin Donuts Park.

It's a part of the North Crossing Development Project and aims to connect the city's northside with the downtown area by bringing in more people, apartments, and retail shops. It is also is a four-phase project.

RMS Companies is in charge of the project, and the last stretch of phase one is nearing completion.

"The whole goal of this development was to connect the northside and the downtown," said Randy Salvatore, CEO of RMS Companies. "As the future phases come alive and this neighborhood gets developed, we are hoping this will lead to other developments."

The first phase includes 270 apartments and retail shops on the bottom level and the building. It will also include a 332 car parking garage, according to RMS Companies. Developers told NBC Connecticut they will work to fill some of the storefronts.

The next phase is set to start sometime in the summer, including the construction of 237 apartments and a 524 car parking garage.

The Main Street stadium parking lot will be available for fans to use during the home opener through the beginning stages of the second phase.

"We’re not just focused on those parcels around the ballpark, we’re focused on the opportunity to expand that development and growth," said Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin. "Bringing in those buildings back to life at this critical intersection is a really important part of building that connection."

RMS Developers told NBC Connecticut one of the future phases includes a grocery store and mentioned that they are looking for a partner.

The first phase is set to end sometime between the end of June and the beginning of July, with tenants set to move in around that same time. The next phase will begin sometime in the summer.

The price for the first phase is $50 million dollars and the second phase is set to cost more than $55 million dollars, according to RMS Companies.

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