Dozens Gather in in New Haven to Support Puerto Rico Protesters

Puerto Rican flags flew on the New Haven Green Friday as many gathered to show their solidarity with those protesting in Puerto Rico. On the island, people have been protesting for days in the wake of corruption investigations and the publication of private chats between Gov. Ricardo Rossello and close associates.

The messages include homophobic and misogynistic comments as well as jokes about bodies piling up after Hurricane Maria.

"Our people have been hurting enough. We can't have someone like that in office," said Tiana Ocasio, who came to the rally on Friday in New Haven.

The Center for Investigative Journalism in Puerto Rico reported that those leaked messages point to a multi-billion dollar corruption network and public resources being used for partisan work.

"We just have to remain steadfast in our call for democracy and the people of Puerto Rico to be heard," said Giovanna Guerrero-Medina, one of the organizers of the New Haven rally.

Despite the distance from the island, those rallying on the Green say they want everyone protesting in Puerto Rico to know they stand with them.

"I wish I was there, honestly. I am definitely one of the Puerto Ricans that is pretty sad with the situation, not just mad but also sad," said Daniel Colon-Rios.

"We are such a connected people and we literally feel for each other. And there's no other time than now. It's time for us to mobilize, and it's time for us to hit the street and make sure Ricky Rossello leaves now," said Ocasio.

Rossello continues to say he plans to remain as governor of Puerto Rico despite calls for him to step down.

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