Dozens Rally for Change in Newtown

Supporters on both sides of the gun debate turned out for a rally on Thursday.

newtown NSSF rally
NBC Connecticut

More than 100 people came to a demonstration with signs and lots of green to urge lawmakers to change gun laws in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

"We’re trying to get some gun laws changed and more common sense laws to protect shootings like this from happening again," said Brady Eggleston of Newtown.
The Newtown Action Alliance teamed up with concern citizens for a demonstration outside of the National Sports Shooting Federation, which is based in Newtown.

"Now I know exactly where the money’s coming from; I know exactly how the policies work, and I want to make sure my lawmakers are listening to my voice even though I’m not as well off as the NSSF and the NRA," said Kathy Mayer of Newtown.
Supporters of gun control at the rally said they want to see universal background checks, bans on assault rifles and limits on high-capacity magazines.
Gun rights advocates showed up outside the NSSF on Mile Hill Road to counter the rally on Thursday.

"I’m here to support the U.S. Constitution," said Gordon Jones, of Southbury.
Some argued Connecticut has very tough gun laws on the books now, and those laws should be better enforced.
"I think that it’s important that regardless that what comes out of the legislation that a thorough job is done, emotion is taken out of it and the rule of law is followed," said Ronald Wilcox, of Sandy Hook.
The National Sports Shooting Federation released a statement about Thursday's protest:

"We respect the rights of all citizens under our First Amendment to express their opinions in public.  We all share the goal of wanting to help make Connecticut safer for our children and all our citizens. That is why we have been speaking with legislators to promote practical measures that will effectively address the central issue of keeping firearms out of the hands of those who should not have access to them.”

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