Your Dog Could Be a Cartoon Star

You just have to inspire the cartoonist

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Tired of the sad financial news? Does your dog make you smile? If the answer is yes, then is for you. Your dog could be famous.

Westport resident Bruce Kasanoff got involved with the project "when my good friend, Jim George, asked if I wanted to help him launch a web site designed to make people smile, I jumped at the chance," he told Westport Now.
"Jim is an ex-Disney animator, and probably one of the most talented character designers in the world.  He's been at this for a few decades, and unlike most designers, can draw in just about any style," Kasanoff said.
It's a simple concept. The site posts a new cartoon every day, except on Sunday, inspired by a real dog. 
So that's where you come in.  Well not, you but your dog, "since the vast majority of dogs have trouble typing, we depend on folks like you (dog owners, that is) to write is with descriptions of your canine companions and their exploits." 
The great part is you can tell everyone your dog is famous. 
And, if George is inspired by your story, you'll have proof.  The dog gets credit and the owner is happy and tells everyone they know.  
Kasanoff adds "they tell 50 or 100 people. So every day, the site gains a bit more popularity. After a month, we’ve had visitors from 34 countries.” 
The only caveat -- your dog's antics should be real.
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