‘Drive-By Dunk' Challenge Causes Damage in Newington

"The “Drive-By Dunk" is the latest challenge that children and adults are taking part in across the country and it's happening in a Connecticut town. 

While it might seem like fun and games, it involves trespassing and in one instance, neighbors said the game caused significant property damage. 

The Drive-By Dunk Challenge involves someone driving around in search of a basketball hoop on a stranger's property, then jumping out of the car with a basketball and attempting to dunk. 

In Newington, drive-by-dunking has caused damage to a car and startled several neighbors. 

In one instance, a resident said his whole basketball setup came crashing down onto his car over the weekend, cracked his windshield and dented part of the hood. 

The owner said he plans to file a report with police but he didn't know what happened with the hoop until he heard about what other neighbors witnessed about a mile away. 

"I heard these people playing basketball down the street. I could hear where it was coming from. I couldn't see from my porch," Sarah Jorgensen, a Newington resident, said. 

Jorgensen said she saw four or five adults with a late-model silver Honda or Toyota near her neighbor's basketball hoop Monday night. They were dunking and quickly drove away when they saw her. She then informed her neighbor, who called police. 

"Because I didn't know about it, it was kind of scary at first," Jorgensen said. 

Lisa Mooney and her daughter also said dunking drivers hit their hoop on Monday night. 

"Came outside, the hoop was down," Mooney said. "Someone physically moved the bricks [that keep the basketball setup upright], and [the hoop] was a couple inches away from another car." 

While there was no damage this time, Mooney said she's not going to let there be a next time. 

"I'm going to start sitting outside starting tonight, I think, in the dark on the deck and keep an eye out," Mooney said. 

At the very least, the challenge includes trespassing. 

NBC Connecticut reached out to Newington police several times to try and find out how many complaints they've received as well as what charges there could be if anyone was caught doing the challenge, but we have not yet heard back.

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