Crash and Dash: Driver Tries to Flee Deadly Collision

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One man is dead, another is under arrest after a high-speed crash in the Parkville section of Hartford.  Police say the Cadillac involved in the accident could have been going in excess of 80 miles per hour.

The accident happened around 6:15 p.m. near the intersection of Park and Orange Streets.  But the bizarre chain of events started blocks earlier where witnesses say they saw the Cadillac racing down Park Street weaving in and out of traffic.  From there the car slammed into a Toyota Corolla, which was attempting to make a left hand turn.  The impact pushed both cars down the street 100 feet before they finally came to a stop.

First responders eventually pulled the driver of the Toyota from his car, but he was pronounced dead at St. Francis Hospital.  But the crash didn't stop the driver in the Cadillac.  He got out of his overturned car and took off, said police.

"We actually had one citizen follow him to Capitol Avenue, contacted the police station, gave us a description and actually waited here for the officers to arrive," said Hartford Police Sgt. Martin Miller.

The man ran to a Capitol Avenue apartment building and broke into a second floor apartment.  No one inside wanted to talk, but they were shaken up. 

"Nobody was harmed on Capitol Avenue, they were somewhat surprised, that much I know, when this guy came through their door," said Sgt. Miller.

Police say it's remarkable the driver of the Cadillac was able to even get out of the vehicle, seeing that both cars were so heavily damaged.

"Very remarkable, yes, considering there was a fatality in the other car, yes it was," said Sgt. Miller.

The man driving the Cadillac has been identified as 26-year-old David Medina of Hartford.  He was taken to St. Francis Hospital for observation after the crash.  He's in police custody for burglary and will face other charges for the accident.

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