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Crews Rescue Stranded Drivers on Flooded Roads in Hartford, West Hartford

First responders had to rescue stranded drivers as cars stalled in flood waters in the Hartford area amid torrential rain and strong winds on Wednesday.

“I almost got stuck in that lake out there,” said Willie Discordia, of Hartford.

Discordia was trying to head home with his 6-year-old daughter when he realized there was potential trouble at North Main Street and Albany Avenue in West Hartford.

Several cars were stuck in the Bishops Corner area amid flash flooding.

“It was up to my door. There was a van stopped at the light and I was like, ‘man, I got to go right around this van,’” said Discordia.

In Hartford, police warned drivers to stay off the roads, as cars became swamped.

“It was pouring and then the wind was blowing the rain so hard it took our garbage cans and knocking them out,” said Arvid Leftwich, of Hartford.

Leftwich and his family then sprung to action as drivers needed help when the water kept rising on Westbourne Parkway.

“One guy, he just kept going and then bam. he just stopped. So, my dad and I went across the street and just pushed his car out of the water,” said Leanna Ortiz, of Hartford.

Some said they have not seen flooding like this before.

And they were waiting in a safe spot until it was over.

“I was driving home, and I couldn’t see and I pulled in here because I wanted to get some cover,” said Ellison Berns, of Avon.

Officials from the Hartford Fire Department said Thursday morning that firefighters and police made 18 rescues Wednesday night. Around a dozen people they assisted were children.

AAA said they received around 100 calls between 9:30 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. in the Greater Hartford area.

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