Drivers Experience Car Problems After Filling Up at Plainville Gas Station

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A number of drivers experienced car problems after filling up at a gas station in Plainville on Wednesday.

One driver reached out to NBC Connecticut and said as soon as she started driving the car after filling up, "the car started acting weird." The driver said the far "fully broke down" a short distance later.

NBC Connecticut made the state Department of Consumer Protection aware of the problem.

According to the gas station manager and a spokesperson from the state Department of Consumer Protection, water ended up in the gas at the station leading to the issues for drivers.

The station has a repair company at the location as of Thursday morning working to pump out the bad gas, the manager said. He said Sunoco will reimburse drivers for insurance claims.

"We are responsible for it, we pay it, we take care of it," the owner said.

DCP said drivers can go back to the station to submit a claim or call 330-409-1058.

If drivers have any issues getting resolution from Sunoco, they should contact DCP, the agency's spokesperson said.

If you're pumping gas, AAA recommends always getting a time-stamped receipt or use a credit card so the purchase is on-record. So if this happens to you at the pump, it will help pinpoint your purchase when you need to make a claim.

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