Connecticut gas prices

Drivers Feeling Effects of Rising Gas Prices in Connecticut

Connecticut gas prices on May 6 2022
NBC Connecticut

As prices at the gas pump go up, drivers in Connecticut are expressing their disappointment but say they still have to live.

"I got to get to work and there’s a couple of things I’ve got to do with the kids to keep them busy," John Cahill said.

"I just kind of go, the job pays well so I just try to make it there," Eddie Carter said.

According to AAA, although Connecticut gas prices come in just under the national average, the state has seen one of the 10 largest increases this week, going up 16 cents from this time last week.

Jason Carpenter, who works for a landscaping company, said the prices, especially when it comes to diesel, are breaking the bank.

"The cost of gas is ridiculous and if you try to raise prices with customers, they’re going to give you a hard time as well," Carpenter said. "I don’t think we’re making as much profit as we would normally with regular gas prices like, say three years ago."

Diesel prices have hit a record high, coming in at $6.24 a gallon, up a dollar more than this time last month.

"The price of crude oil keeps rising and that is the number one culprit for what we’re seeing at the pump," AAA spokesperson Tracy Noble said.

But Noble said there are things that can be done to help the consumer conserve.

"People really need to pay attention to their driving habits, drive a little bit smarter. if that means consolidating trips so that means they aren’t backtracking, eliminating any extra weight they have in their vehicle. If you’ve got a membership card that gives you the discount at a gas station now is certainly a time to use it," Noble said.

The attorney general’s office investigates reports of price gouging and said they've received 232 complaints about price gouging and they've issued 103 letters in response to those complaints.

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