Drought Conditions Persist Despite Several Winter Storms

Most of northwestern Connecticut remains in extreme drought, despite several recent storms that brought significant precipitation to the state.

According to the latest US Drought Monitor report, released Feb. 16, 28.39 percent of the state remains in extreme drought. That’s down from the numbers reported at the start of the year, but shows no change from the week before, even after heavy snowfall during a storm on Feb. 9 and two smaller storms shortly after.

More than two thirds of the state remain under severe or extreme drought.

Drought conditions in the state forced several areas to institute mandatory water restrictions. Though some cities and towns have lifted restrictions, the state’s reservoirs are still low.

Missing Attachment Shocking images of one of Bristol’s reservoirs show the rain and snow the state has had has not been enough.

Water companies are requesting that customers conserve by doing things like taking shorter showers, only running washing machines and dishwashers when they’re full, and turning off the water while doing things like brushing your teeth or shaving.

Fixing any leaky plumbing can also reduce water waste.

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