Drought Impacts Millions Across the State of Connecticut

NBC Connecticut

Connecticut is going through a drought impacting millions of residents, one of whom said the drought has caused a major headache and is praying for a change.

“Personally for us here in Somers, this drought has affected us worse this year than in the past 10 years,” says Jacob Lipton, general manager of Pleasant View Farms.

Lipton said this year, overseeing the farm, which has been in his family for four generations, has been one of the most difficult parts of his tenure.

“As far as our grain crops, we suffered immensely. We had to replant several acres of soybeans that could not sprout because of the lack of rain,” said Lipton. “I believe we’re almost half percentage wise less this year in rain than last year in comparison.”

The farm produces and provides hay and grain from farms all over the New England area, but the shortage in water has proved to be troubling.

“For our second and third cutting crops of hay, we’ve gotten a fraction less than half as far as the yields and that affected us greatly financially,” says Lipton.

According to drought.gov, nearly two million residents are impacted making up 55% of the state. Anthony Ganio, president of Connecticut Wells Inc., has seen first hand the impact it’s had on his business.

“It’s added probably 40 to 50% more work this year than its added in years past,” said Ganio.

The businessman said he’s usually backlogged until Christmas with appointments and he’s seen firsthand how the drought has taken a toll on communities.

“I asked them what they are doing for water and they have people who come in either with a pool tank to fill the well or they will go and shower at a friend's house,” said Ganio. “You know it’s a struggle and it really becomes a health crisis at that point.”

Although it isn’t clear how long the drought will last, Ganio recommends staying away from things like washing cars and watering the lawn and to be more aware of dripping faucets or leaks to preserve water.

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