Drunk Woman Kicks Out Cruiser Window in New Haven: Police

A New Haven woman is facing charges after charging at officers while she was drunk, then kicking out the window of a police cruiser, prompting officers to pepper spray her, according to police.

Police said they were called to 223 Ferry Street early Monday morning after someone reported a dispute at the house.

The callers told officers they had driven 22-year-old Salina Nunez home from a night out at the Van Dome Nightclub because she was too drunk to drive herself, according to police.

Officers arrived to find Salina Nunez, 22, kicking and pounding on the basement door. She said her father lived there, but no one was answering.

Police said Nunez's yelling awoke neighbors, who came outside to see what was going on. When an officer asked if she had another place to stay, she shoved him, cursed and lunged at him, according to police.

Officers handcuffed Nunez and put her in the back of a cruiser, where she kicked the window until it shattered and kicked an officer in the thigh, police said.

Police pepper-sprayed Nunez and took her out of the squad car so EMTs could put water on her eyes, according to police.

Nunez was charged with second-degree criminal mischief, interfering with officers and disorderly conduct.

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