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Dulos Children Visited Their Father at Hospital Before His Death: Family Spokesperson

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Fotis Dulos’ children visited him at the hospital before he was taken off life support, according to a statement from a family spokesperson.

Dulos, the estranged husband of Jennifer Farber Dulos, died at Jacobi Medical Center in New York City last month, two days after a suicide attempt at his home in Farmington, Connecticut.  

Jennifer Dulos, his estranged wife and mother of the children, has been missing since May and Fotis Dulos was facing charges, including murder, in connection with the disappearance at the time of his death.

“Five children have lost both parents in the span of eight months. Our top priorities are ensuring their wellbeing and protecting their privacy. Understandably, they wished to say goodbye to their father, which we arranged with the assistance of hospital personnel,” Carrie Luft, a spokesperson for Jennifer Dulos’ family and friends, wrote in a statement.

Jennifer Dulos and Fotis Dulos were going through a divorce and they were in a battle for custody of their five children when Jennifer Dulos disappeared.  

Fotis Dulos maintained his innocence throughout the case, and a note found with him following his suicide attempt denied any involvement in the disappearance. Jennifer Dulos remains missing and law enforcement have said they believe she is dead.

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New Canaan Police Department

“Tragically, the children have not been -- and may never be -- able to say goodbye to their mother, Jennifer, who remains missing. This devastating reality continues, and we ask once again that the privacy of the families and loved ones be honored,” Luft wrote.

Michelle Troconis, Fotis Dulos’ former girlfriend, and Kent Mawhinney, a friend and attorney for Fotis Dulos, are still facing charges in connection with Jennifer’s disappearance. They have each been charged with conspiracy to commit murder. Troconis is also charged with tampering with evidence and hindering prosecution. She has pleaded not guilty.

In July, the court granted temporary custody of the children to Jennifer's mother, Gloria Farber, and they have been living in her New York City home.

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Search Continues for Jennifer Dulos

Jennifer Dulos is still missing. Police have a dedicated website on the search for Jennifer Dulos. They have set up a tipline at 203-594-3544 as well as a dedicated email address, findjenniferdulos@newcanaanct.gov.

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