Eagle Slams into Semi Truck

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“Just got on 95 northbound coming up to speed when I noticed the eagle flying in the southbound side,” Scott Burke said.

In his 25 years of driving, Burke has never seen anything like this.

“She was swooping down at the last second she pulled up and unfortunately not fast enough,” Burke said.

The bald eagle smashed the driver's side windshield.

“For a truck driver it sounded like a tire blew up. Then of course there was glass and there was a glass dust coming in,” Burke said.

Burke says after the eagle slammed into the windshield she hung on to the side window, then when he came to a stop she ended up underneath the truck.

Connecticut state troopers came and they ended up shutting down the right lane to keep the traffic away from her.

"I did not want to scare her anymore than she already was,” Burke said.

The eagle is now in the care of A Place Called Hope in Killingworth. The rescue said her x-rays don’t show any broken bones or internal injuries.

Burke has been invited to see the eagle off when she eventually recovers from a roadway encounter he’ll never forget.

“I’m not sure what I’m going do when she when she takes off and she flies away, I’m really into eagles now,” Burke said.

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