Early Apple Crop Ready for Picking at Lyman Orchards

Almost overnight a new batch of tasty apples popped up at Lyman Orchards.

Jayme Amarone and her family just had to get their hands on the harvest making its appearance about a week early this season.

“The macs are small so it's perfect for the kids so they cannot leave half of the apple uneaten” Amarone said.

“Early apples like this in August, people are looking for that fresh apple,” John Lyman, Executive Vice President of Lyman Orchards said.

Lyman said timely rains and a not-so-hot summer made for a sweet apple recipe that's now drawing out customers for a fresh bite.

“They've had apples all winter and spring but they were last year's crop now they have this year and they're really excited about that,” Lyman said.

“We did the sunflower maze and then we went over to the pears but they weren't quite ready yet,” Jessica Budrie said.

Budrie said the ripe apples were a welcomed pleasant surprise.

“Online we only saw peaches and nectarines, so I was excited when she said apples because I want to make an apple pie,” Budrie said.

The apples that seemed to pop up overnight are only the first of the orchard's 28 varieties, which can be picked through late October to early November.

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