East Catholic Girls Lacrosse Team Spreads Smiles With The Miracle League in Bristol

Some days, it’s just all fun and game for the East Catholic girls lacrosse team.

They may be hard at work at practice – hoping to return to the Class S state title game for a second straight year – but in between, the Eagles are busy with something just as important.

“I love this program. It’s a good way to be with people and make them happy,” senior Macy Wilcox is talking about their clinic at The Miracle League in Bristol. “We do it twice a year every year, so I’ve done it four years.”

The Miracle League engages children with special needs or disabilities in different sports. When the Eagles visit, that means lacrosse.

"The girls are phenomenal,” said Meg Green, who has a son in the program and is also the president of the league’s Board of Directors. “They come out and spend one on one, two on one, three on one, whatever it takes to get the kids to participate… they get to experience the joy of participation.”

You can find more information on The Miracle League here

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