Jamie Ratliff

East Haven Considers Ban on Dogs at Town Beach

East Haven Town Beach is the perfect sunny-weather spot for many families but not so much for pets.

A sign at the entrance that reads "No pets" makes that clear, but it turns out it's more bark than bite because there's no town ordinance behind it. For beach-goers, there's differing opinions when it comes to dogs playing in the sand.

"I like dogs. As long as they're leashed and the owner cleans up after them, it shouldn't be a problem," said Natasha Santane.

"We eat here. We swim. We do everything. Dogs can be anywhere but not at the beach," said Theresa Asempah.

A proposed amendment to a town ordinance would put it in writing that no dogs or other animals would be allowed on the town beach. Councilman Nicholas Palladino says it would only be during beach hours and warmer months when crowds pick up. That's something some residents say makes sense to them.

"I think if the owners are responsible and pick up after the dogs that maybe they should be allowed on the beach after a later hour of the day," said Joyce Rosado.

A public hearing on the proposed amendment is scheduled for July 2.

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