East Haven Domestic Violence Assault Results in School Lock Down

A domestic violence assault involving a gun prompted a school lockdown in East Haven on Monday. 

East Haven Police responded to call at 8:05 a.m. from a relative that said Leonard Panuzio had hurt his wife. The caller said they found the wife in "disarray" and saw a shotgun, police said. 

SWAT accompanied police to the scene because of the firearm and a secure perimeter was put into place, according to East Haven Police. 

As a result, D.C. Moore School was placed on lockdown due to the close proximity of the home on Mansfield Grove Road. 

Police were able to take Panuzio into custody and discovered two more handguns in his home, along with the shotgun. Because of a previous conviction, Panuzio is not allowed to possess handguns.

The 61-year-old is being held on bond and faces assault, firearms and other pending charges. 

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