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East Haven Landlord Enters Property Without Permission, Goes Through Tenant's Underwear: PD

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A landlord in East Haven was arrested after he was caught breaking into his tenant's apartment and going through her and her daughter's underwear, according to police.

Officials said 38-year-old Jorge Orellana-Arias was seen on hidden security cameras entering his tenant's apartment. The tenant filed a report with police in May about ongoing issues with Orellana-Arias, saying he would enter her and her daughter's bedrooms and would go through their clothing, including their underwear, according to authorities.

The woman told officials that once she suspected Orellana-Arias was entering her home, she put up barricades, which he then bypassed by gaining access to her apartment through another door, police said.

That is when the woman said she decided to install hidden cameras in several spots throughout the apartment, including in both her and her daughter's bedroom. She told police that the cameras caught Orellana-Arias coming into the apartment through a side door before going to both bedrooms and rummaging through their underwear drawer. Authorities said that in the video, he picked up the underwear and brought it to his nose, seemingly sniffing them.

The woman told police that on one occasion, Orellana-Arias entered her apartment while her daughter was home alone. Appearing startled, he left the apartment immediately, she said.

Officials investigated the matter and ultimately arrested Orellana-Arias on Thursday. He faces charges including third-degree burglary and was released on a $25,000 bond.

He is scheduled to appear in court on Sept. 14.

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