East Haven Police Warn of Possible Fundraising Scam

East Haven police are warning residents of a possible fundraising scam in town.

Police said they’ve received reports of a caller who pretended to represent the East Haven Police Union. The caller claimed they were fundraising for Chicago officers, Special Olympics, and disabled children. Police said the union is not fundraising for any of these causes.

The East Haven Police Union is currently fundraising for their Comedy Show, which is an annual event. The union also raises money for the annual car show. They do this through phone calls and letters. A sample letter is below.

The union uses a company called Global Marketing Resources to help made phone calls. Those employees follow the following script:

“We are conducting our annual fundraising campaign to raise money for the East Haven Police Union and as a means to help support youth sports, The D.A.R.E. program, etc. We are hosting a Comedy Show in conjunction with our fundraiser at The East Haven High School on Friday, September 16, 2016. It is explained that complimentary tickets are available and an official receipt will be provided. Then followed by, are you able to help with our fundraising campaign this year?”

Police remind residents that if they are unsure if a caller or letter is legitimate they can call the union fundraiser at (860) 235-3955.

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