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East Haven Rotary Delivers Thanksgiving Meals, Smiles

NBC Connecticut

The East Haven Rotary Club was busy Thanksgiving morning carefully checking more than 200 Boston Market meals and packaging them up for East Haven residents.

“We just try to help anyone in the community who may need it, who is having a little a little bit of trouble,” said Ashley Lesco, of the East Haven Rotary.

They’ve been doing this more than 20 years, but the last two have featured the pre-packaged meals.

“We would have an assembly line of turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, everything, and we would do it ourselves,” Lesco said.

Lesco adds that she wouldn’t want anyone to be without a meal so they keep up the tradition with a dedicated bunch.

“It’s a fun group and we have a good time doing it and we enjoy helping so it’s really fun,” said Beth Carpotorto, co-chair of the meal giveaway.

Once the packages were ready, Rotary members volunteered to deliver them across town.

“It’s so nice of you,” said Eugene Demorro when his meal was delivered to his door. “You’re welcome and God bless you,” replied Rotarian Frank Gentilesco, who has been delivering meals for years.

“I wait for it every year,” said Barbara King when Gentilesco handed her a meal. She’s looking forward to her holiday favorite.

“The hot turkey, I’ve been waiting for that,” King said.

Lilian Scalia said she’s been waiting for dinner, too, and a little bit of peace this year.  

“I host a Thanksgiving for 68 years,” Scalia said. “This year I’ve been ill so I decided to take a break, nothing to do with it. It’s been wonderful.”

And that’s what today was about, helping people feel wonderful on Thanksgiving Day.

“I know I wouldn’t want to go without, I wouldn’t want a family member or neighbor to be without,” Lesco said. “So, if we can help, that’s what we’re going to do and we’re going to do it until we can’t do it anymore.”

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