Film Fest Features East Haven Students' Flick

In a studio in the basement of East Haven High School students are learning how to bring pictures to life.

"I've learned a lot of things from frequencies in audio to levels in video to editing and transitions," said senior, Anthony Palm.

This is a level two TV and video class.  Jay Miles is the teacher.

"People are working with video more and more, not just to make movies or to do news, but to do training videos, to do informational videos, press releases," said Miles.

For those reasons, Miles says it is more important than ever for these students to have such skills.

These students have considerable talent in this area.

"About 20 schools competed and made videos about global climate change," Miles said.

The students produced a short documentary on the plight of the Garbage Museum in Stratford.  It is in danger of closing due to a decrease in funding.

"We thought perfect- they're teaching people how to recycle and they need help to stay open," said senior, Jen Cuomo.

Palm said, "When we got there all of us, there wasn't anyone who did less than anyone else.  We all shot video, we all did interviews.”

Not only did East Haven High win the state's student film festival, the student’s documentary will also be played at the Connecticut film festival.

"We're really excited that we got selected to go do that.  It shows that all of our hard work paid off," said Cuomo.

"To be able to complete a piece is one thing but to go up against other schools in this program, who did amazing work, to be recognized like this has just been breathtaking," said Miles.

These students say they've learned some valuable lessons about communication.

They also realize they're fortunate to have such program available to them in high school.

“There are always those kids that are into sports and there are always those kids that are really academic and they study and they get good grades and everything and I'm more of a tech. type person and it's really awesome for me to be able to do this,” said Palm.

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