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East Lyme Marching Band Preps for a Season Impacted by COVID-19

Biggest change for marching band? No marching.

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Band camp is underway at East Lyme High School, as the group prepares for a season like no other.

“Not at all, but the students are having fun with it and they are making music in the process," said Angelica Fadrowski, the school's band director.

Fadrowski said that instead of competing in person, the band will compete virtually this year. Performances will be recorded on video and sent in for judges to review. There will also be no marching to maintain social distance.

“No marching, no movements, but we can still do a lot of visuals,” explained Grace Barnhart, a senior trumpet player.

Fadrowski said that the band has deployed multiple new precautions to make sure they are practicing in a safe way. They maintain distance at all times, according to Fadrowski. There is a minimum of 12 feet between all wind players.

Wind players are also given special masks, made by band moms, that have a hole for their mouths when playing inside. The end of their instrument is also dressed in a protective cap.

"So this way there isn’t extra stuff coming out of your bell," said Barnhart.

“I felt like we were really safe and we knew what we were doing and we were not going to get sick," said Connor Santa Maria, who plays the snare drum.

Will Dumond is brand new to band. He was definitely not expecting a season like this.

"I am just rolling with what I can get and trying to make the most out of it," said Dumond.

Writing the score together as they go, thankful to be on the same beat once again.

“It feels like a bit of normalcy in these times," said Santa Maria. "It is really nice."

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