East Windsor Diner, Fave to Many, Closes

Victim of Economy, Says Owner

For 43 years, the East Windsor Diner on Route 5 was reliable for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and after-midnight meals on weekends.

But in 2009, the large restaurant did not open.

"We just couldn't make it any more," said owner Nick Tartsinis. "It's a sign of the times, that's all there is to it."

Close to Route 5 is a portable sign that almost spells out  "Now Hiring", but that's a sign from times that are gone.

"I can't understand it.  There's an awful lot of restaurants going down," said Gene Walz, who drove from East Longmeadow, Massachusetts to meet an old friend for lunch.  The friend drove from West Hartford so East Windsor was mid way.  But they didn't come here just for convenience.

"Wonderful place," said the friend, Bill Wade. "It was great.  The people and the food were wonderful, reasonable price."

"Six dollars, something like that, soup and sandwich, et cetera, " said Walz.

Tartsinis shrugged off the sympathy. "There are other places around," he said.

Retirement is next on the menu for him.  He's asking a reported $1.75 million for the property.

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