East Windsor Residents Rescue Hundreds of Fish

Neighbors in East Windsor came together to rescue hundreds of fish that got stranded on the wrong side of a dam in the Broad Brook Millpond.

About 20 volunteers spent much of Friday catching and releasing hundreds of fish.

"We noticed two days ago that they drained the pond, and the waterfall is right next to my store where we're setting up. And we noticed the fish were trapped there," said Cynde Acanto. "They've basically been throwing themselves against the rocks for two days trying to come up stream."

Khamp Phimvongsa used Facebook to spread the word of the fish fiasco and ask for assistance. Expecting a couple volunteers to show up, he and his wife instead received an overwhelming response.

"I figured, you know, let's spend a day after work and help them up," said Phimvongsa. "Probably got 500 to 600 carp, trout, bass up here so now they can repopulate."

NBC Connecticut reached out to town officials to find out what happened but did not hear back. When we contacted DEEP, officials said they were not aware of the situation but would send environmental police to check it out.

Despite all the hard work done on Friday, volunteers estimate there's at least 500 more left to fish out, and they plan on coming back Saturday.


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