East Windsor Historical Society Celebrating Veterans

In East Windsor, some veterans were in for a treat ahead of the national holiday.

East Windsor’s Historical Society celebrated veterans at their Museums on the Green.

This event featured a flyover of vintage planes by “The Stars and Bars Team."

After the flyover, the planes were on full display at the Skylark Airpark for fans to get an up-close look at the details of the aircraft.

The museums will also be hosting special exhibits, including an Iwo Jima and WWII Traveling Museum and a reproduction of a 1942 BMW German Army Sahara model sidecar motorcycle.

This is one of the first times fans got to witness the permanent military display which spans from the Civil War through Vietnam.

Participants also got to take part in the “Share your Story” table for veterans and their families to recount their experiences. A video of oral histories were available to watch over coffee and sweets.

The "Stars and Bars Team" dedicated the fly-over as a small measure of gratitude by paying tribute to veterans by remembering their sacrifices and heroism.

The team respects all veterans and armed forces by preserving their dedication to the conflicts they participated in.

Bill Kulle is a vintage plane pilot who travels with the team and has been flying for more than 20 years.

“It feels good every time I go in the air,” Kulle said. “It’s great showing planes, we love to fly them and we give rides all the time.”

The "Stars and Bars Team" are a group of men who call the sky their true home.

Most of them not only share a deep passion for the freedom and expression of flying as an occupation, lifestyle or recreational sport; they believe in the preservation, restoration, operation and education of history and historical artifacts that make us remember lessons of history.

The aircraft flew over the Museums on the Green to represent all armed services and those who have or do presently serve.

The aircraft are all over 80 years old and served and trained aviators during WWII between 1935 and 1945.

Their goal is to educate visitors about the history and stories of our veterans who served.

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