East Windsor Police Investigate Road Rage Incident Turned Robbery

Police are looking for two people involved in a road rage robbery in East Windsor that started on Interstate 91 and ended at a gas station on Bridge Street on Saturday evening, police said. 

Police say around 5:14 p.m. a man reported being cut off by another vehicle on Interstate 91. He followed the suspect vehicle into the Shell gas station on Bridge Street and snapped a photo of the vehicle and license plate.

A female passenger then exited the suspect vehicle, forcibly took the man’s phone, and ran into the gas station convenience store. The victim reported he went to get his phone back, a struggle ensued inside store. That's when he said the male driver exited the suspect vehicle threatened him with a pocket knife. The victim was able to retrieve his cellphone before the suspects fled.

The gas station does have cameras both inside the store and outside, so there is surveillance video police can use in their ongoing investigation, a gas station employee said.

The suspect vehicle is described as a white Nissan Sentra. East Windsor police are investigating the incident as a robbery and working to locate the people in the suspect vehicle. Anyone with information should contact police at (860) 292-8240.
It's unknown whether the suspects knew the victim or what triggered the road rage incident. 

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