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East Windsor Runner Participates in 2020 Hubert’s Run for Sanity: Quarantine Edition

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Around the country, hundreds of runners are practicing social distancing while lacing up their shoes to take part in Hubert's 2020 Run for Sanity: Quarantine Edition.

It's a virtual race to get people motivated and active during the COVID19 pandemic.

Jared Buchanan is an ultra-marathon runner who mentions that running is a sweet escape from reality.

"I'm just a dude who likes to run," said Buchanan. "It's the greatest thing in the world especially when you get that runners' high."

This year's race means a lot to the ultra-marathon runner after tragedy hit back in November of last year.

"I got hit by a Chevy Tahoe and I somehow survived," said Buchanan. "My humerus completely snapped in half and I had a concussion."

Physical therapy wasn't easy and Buchanan said he never gave up.

"It was awful but I slowly grind away," said Buchanan. "I kept chipping away and my arm's healed."

5 months later and he's participating in this year's Hubert's Run for Sanity by running a one-mile loop around his East Windsor Neighborhood.

"When there's a will, there's a way," said Buchanan. "I've got the will power and when you really want something bad enough, you find a way to make it happen."

The runner's motivation is his father, a former police officer who died by suicide in 2013.

"The most important part of my run is the picture of my father," said Buchanan. "Usually, I have it on my chest but I decided to keep it by my support/rest stop."

The mindset is allowing Jared to run his own race while remembering his father.

"This has been my way of healing," said Buchanan. "I don't feel alone, I feel like my Dad is with me and I just keep going."

Buchanan is on track to beat the race's record of 115 miles. Buchanan represents Texas Roadhouse during his 100 and 200 mile runs.

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