ECSU Students Find Time Capsule in Dorm Room

Four Eastern Connecticut State University students were settling in to their new dorm when they found a small piece of university history.

Zack Skarzinski and Nick Presbie were exploring their new place at the High Rise Apartments at ECSU's campus as their two other roommates, Luke Davis and Alex Marquis, were gone for the weekend.

"'I wonder what in that panel back there?'" Said Zack Skarzinski, taking us back to that moment. "We were just looking around. We had just moved in."

That's when they decided to unscrew the panel under the kitchen sink. Inside, they found a box. But not any box -- a time capsule dated December 18, 2001.

“Out of all the things to find in there we did not expect to find a time capsule!” said Presbie, who encouraged Skarzinski to open the paneling.

The time capsule was in a shoe box. Dust covered it, as the area hadn't been opened in nearly 14 years.

Inside the box was an old blue Wal-Mart bag, covering the findings. There was also a chore list with the names of 4 underclassman who lived in the dorm room. The list read "Liz, Michelle, Becca and Karen."

The names were then identified on a cassette tape. The roommates identified themselves Elizabeth Munsell, Michelle Peterson, Rebecca Iles and Karen Kaczynski.

“I want to know mostly what’s in that cassette because that’s been keeping me up,” Said Marquis, who was shocked about the findings in his apartment. What's in the tape is still a mystery.

The shoe box also contained notes with advice for the finder and a list of the students' dreams. In 2001, they all wrote they hoped to be married with children.

“But I also it would also be cool to figure out if their dreams… if they really got married to who they wanted to. If they became the job they wanted to be,” said Luke Davis.

There were also notes with advice for the finder, along with a few of their favorite things including perfume, Nerds candy, popcorn, margarita trees and chewing gum.

The four roommates have tried searching for the "time capsule roommates." With assistance from school officials, so far Iles and Kaczynski have been contacted.

The search to find Munsell and Peterson continues.

“We definitely want to meet them I think that’d be cool,” Said Zkarzynski.

The roommates plan to put the box back behind the paneling and add their own time capsule with it.

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