Edible CT: The Best Food and Drink Made in Connecticut

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If you’re hanging out in Connecticut this summer, be sure to check out these delicious made in Connecticut food and beverages. From chocolate to hot sauce to hot dogs, Connecticut is a tiny gastronomic paradise and you should take advantage.

Hummel Brothers Hot Dogs

A Connecticut mainstay since the Great Depression, Hummels Brother Hot Dogs produces high quality hot dogs as well as cold cuts, spiral-cut ham, corned beef, and pastrami. Pick them up at your local grocer and use them at your next summer barbecue.

Bridgewater Chocolate

A mix of two worlds, Bridgewater Chocolates are American-style chocolates made with European-quality ingredients. They produce a variety of different chocolates including truffles, caramels, turtles, toffees, hazelnut pralines, and much more.

Red Rooster Gourmet Cookies

The store may be no bigger than a laundry room, but don’t underestimate baker Kimberly Welch and her giant, soft, luscious cookies. Red Rooster cookies has been pleasing the sugar tooth of all ages up and down the shoreline since it first opened its doors in 2011. Check out their storefront in Guilford and try out fan favourite cookies like Baileys Irish Butter, and Butter Pecan, and Red Rooster Signature.

Warren’s Foods

Since it opened in 2008, customers can’t get enough of Warren’s relishes and salsa . Completely natural, gluten free, and Kosher as well as made with no preservatives. The relish comes in three varieties mild, medium, and hot, depending on how much fire your tongue can withstand.

Lamothe’s Sugar House

Vermont isn’t the only maple syrup king of New England - Connecticut also is a top purveyor of this heavenly sweet confection. Lamothe’s Sugar House in Burlington not only produces several varieties of maple syrup, it also produces coffee, maple syrup candy, maple coated kettle corn and nuts, pancake mix, and much more. Check out their showroom and country store.

Dragon’s Blood Elixir 

As it name suggests, Dragon's Blood Elixir makes fiery hot sauces and condiments to compliment your favorite dishes. The chef behind the sauce, Doug Crane, uses only locally produced ingredients from places like Woodstock Orchards, Fabyan Sugar Shack, and Quiet Corner Coffee Roasters. For the mild eater, try their Maple Roasted Apple sauce and for those that like to test their limits, give their Wild Elephant Deterrent a try (it is advised to keep a fire extinguisher on hand).

Foxon Park Sodas

With unique flavors such as Iron Brew, White Birch Beer, Gassosa, Foxon Park Beverages are like no other. Voted Best of Connecticut by CT Magazine ten years running, customers love for Foxon Park shows no signs of diminishing.

Matthews 1812 House

Established in 1979, Matthews 1812 House is family business dedicated to producing delicious cakes, cookies, bars, and more. The Farmhouse is familiar with media attention and has been featured in the New York Times, Country Living, Food Network, and Good Morning America. Try out their original fruitcakes or be a little naughty and try their chocolate bourbon pecan torte.


Designated as the first food service spaghetti sauce, Palmieri has been producing delicious tomato sauce since 1920 when Anna and Alphonse Palmieri moved to New Haven from Italy. Always one for quality over quantity, Palmieri only uses the freshest ingredients and the finest imported spices for their lines of sauces. 

Deep River Potato Chips

Everyone loves a good potato chip and Deep River Snacks knows how to deliver a flavorful and crunchy chip that is sensation in Connecticut, across the United States, and in Canada. The chips are uniquely fried in sunflower oil and which has lower levels of trans fat and keeps fresher and healthier for longer. Go adventurous with their Honchos Tortilla Chips or stick to the original with their Classic Kettle Chip. Either way, Deep River chips won’t disappoint.

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