Egg Farm Expansion Plan Ruffles Feathers

The Mitlitsky Egg Farm, a 48-year-old business is Lebanon, is getting ready to break ground on a new building, but some neighbors are now at their breaking point.

The Planning and Zoning Commission approved the 18,000-square foot expansion of the egg farm in April. Residents say approval for the expansion was done behind closed doors without their input.

The business is in a residential neighborhood on land that’s zoned rural agriculture.

Mitlitsky’s Egg LLC has eight tractor-trailers in its fleet, which is why neighbors say there’s nothing rural about it anymore.

“Those trucks go up and down that narrow road dozens of times a day. I feel like I live on I-95,” Donna Reynolds, of Lebanon, said.

Residents say what’s really ruffling feathers is that they didn’t know a thing about the expansion approval and didn’t have a chance to voice their concerns about the project.

The P&Z commission says they didn’t have to be told about the decision because the law didn’t require it.

“The applicants are only required to notify their neighbors when a public hearing is required, which was not required for this site mediation,” James Jahoda, the P&Z chairman, said.

Residents also said a Mitlitsky truck recently crashed on Route 6 and that highlights the dangers of tractor-trailers traveling on Card Street.

They said their concerns are falling on deaf ears after the board made it clear it can’t and won’t take back the approval.

The Mitlitskys say they hope to break ground on the new building sometime next month.

Residents say their fight is far from over and plan to take their case to the attorney general.

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