Elderly Woman Pulled From Car in Farmington Lake

A couple of Good Samaritans rescued an elderly woman after she drove her car into a lake in Farmington on Saturday.

The woman was driving through an apartment complex when she lost control of her car and drove her into the lake at Lake Shore Drive, according to police.

Witnesses saw the car and dove in to pull the woman from the driver's seat.

“I knocked on the door and yelled for her. She seemed to pop up," Mike Scheer said.

The woman was the only one in the car.

“I swam to that side, went under water, felt around, grabbed her, pulled her out, tapped on her back a few times, she seemed to be, she came aware, figured out what was going on," Scheer said.

The woman, who has not been identified, was taken to the hospital for evaluation.

Police are investigating how the car ended up in the lake.

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