Thea Digiammerino

Elm City College Prep Becomes 1st CT Elementary School to Compete in Travel Soccer

The other travel teams in the state represent a town rather than a school.

Elm City College Preparatory Elementary School in New Haven offers students the opportunity to develop their soccer skills through an elective class. The students have improved to the point that they are ready to compete so the school worked with the Connecticut Junior Soccer Association and registered the Elm City Wolves as a travel soccer team.

“What I like about soccer is that I get to work my way to the goal,” said 10-year-old Elm City College Prep soccer player Isaiah King.

“We’re the only team that is an elementary school,” added 9-year-old Elm City College Prep soccer player Justin Achigasim. “Most people play for their town team.”

“Being an elementary school team and trying to play other elementary schools, we didn’t see anybody else,” said soccer coach Michael Moore.

The kids take a lot of pride in representing their school.

“This is my first time playing in a league,” said King.

“You have to be focused to actually understand the game,” added Achigasim.

“The love of the sport, the love for each other like a soccer family, that’s what I sense and what we’re building,” said Moore. “I love working with them. I love developing kids and they’re absolutely being developed at a very fast rate and it’s awesome to be a part of.”

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