4 Officers Taken to Hospital After Being Overcome By Fumes in Windsor

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Four officers were transported to the hospital after they encountered fumes while checking on the welfare of a person in Windsor Thursday morning, police said.

Windsor Police Chief Donald Melanson said officers responded to Plymouth Street just after 11 a.m. and there was no answer on the door.

Police were able to reach someone who had a key to enter the house through the garage and officers had to back out because of noxious fumes. They then called the fire department for assistance, Melanson said.

Inside, they found a person in need of medical assistance, and that person was transported to the hospital.

The four officers who were overcome by fumes were also transported to the hospital to be evaluated.

Melanson said they experienced symptoms of an itchy throat, all seem to be doing well, and he hopes they will be released today.

The resident is also expected to make a full recovery.

Testing was done and officials are still trying to identify what caused the fumes.

Police officers ventilated the house by opening up windows and the fire department used ventilation systems to move the air out as well, Melanson said.

The issue was contained to the home, Melanson said, and the house is safe.

“We don't believe the hazmat situation was intentional. We know there was a medical condition and we're just dealing with that,” he said.

Police said there is no criminal involvement and they do not expect to file charges.

Part of the road was closed for hours.

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