Emotional Letter Found at Hartford Cemetery Inspires Berlin Woman

a letter left on a tombstone at a Hartford cemetery
Kendra Brooke Frisk

On Wednesday afternoon, Kendra Brooke Frisk headed out for walk through a Hartford cemetery, taking a path toward one of the more famous residents of the burial grounds.

Frisk, of Berlin, enjoys walking cemeteries and learning the history of the land and those buried there. That brisk afternoon, she headed for Katharine Hepburn’s headstone at Cedar Hill Cemetery but stopped short after noticing something out of place.

“I saw what looked like a letter taped to a random headstone,” said Frisk. “I was surprised it was still there after the storm we had. It was a little wet and torn up.”

Frisk crouched down and started reading.

The envelope was left by a young, grieving woman. She wrote that her father passed away in North Carolina on April 7, 2011, and that she still missed him dearly. The letter was taped to a headstone of someone who also passed on April 7.

The letter reads, in part, “I didn’t think it would be this hard to write this, maybe because it has been nine years - I’ve started to forget what your voice sounds like and I’m so sorry.”

It continues, describing the letter-writer’s father as lover of James Taylor who affectionally called his daughter “Alexy Galexy.”

“Although her father has passed, the letter was written directly to him and she wrote how she misses his voice, stories, and listening to music together,” said Frisk.

With the letter also came seeds. “Alexy Galexy’s” father was an avid gardener and she wanted whoever found the seeds to plant them so she could have a piece of her father in Connecticut, or to “plant new life,” as she says in her letter.

“I just want her to know I can’t wait to plant the seeds,” said Frisk.

Frisk considers herself lucky to have found the letter and hopes that her post will reach far and wide and find the letter’s author to help bring her some peace.

In her own words, “I’m thirty years old and I just miss my daddy.”

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