New Cheese Ends Shady Glen Controversy

After weeks of testing, Shady Glen owner Billy Hoch says he's found the cheese that makes the Manchester restaurant's signature fried, tri-cornered cheeseburgers right again, according to a Hartford Courant blog.

The cheese, curled up at the sides, is legendary enough to lure people to try it, as you can see on a blog post on CT Museum Quest.

Apparently, there was a culinary debacle over the changed cheese, but all is good again.

The issue was that Hoch's supplier stopped providing the cheese he was using and customers were not happy with the new cheese. He tells the Courant he started shopping around for a new American cheese a few weeks ago. Fortunately, the cheese heads in Wisconsin have come through for Hoch and the Shady Glen.

Customers are happy again.So says the Shady Glen Facebook page: 

"So I went over and tried the cheese today. 8/25/10. It is MUCH better now. I think the original cheese was a little thicker thus more rigid, but they are 99% almost there," Dave Smith posts.

"Just got back...AMAZING!!!! Thank you CHEESE GODS!!! This was the BEST ever!!! I'm soo happy...the milkshake, side of cheese and the cheeseburger...AWESOME perfect i'm in love all over again!!!" Kimberly Boucher Cavaliere posted.

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