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Enfield Catholic School to Close at End of School Year

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Saint Marta School (SMS) will close at the end of the school year, school officials confirmed in a letter to parents last week.

SMS is one of two Catholic schools remaining in Enfield. The pastor, Rev. Robert Villa, wrote that it was simply impossible to sustain the school financially, largely due to inclining enrollment. He painted a stark picture - there is $11,845 in the school operating account, and the payroll and benefits as of August 31 is expected to come in at $253,000.

Villa said while the situation began before the coronavirus pandemic's impact, the strain from that situation has further complicated the issues, affecting the families financially and reducing parishioners' financial contributions.

"The principal, teachers and staff of St. Martha School will do whatever is necessary to help students through this transition. We will keep all of them in our prayers through the coming weeks," Villa wrote.

SMS has been operating for over 55 years and currently has 148 students.

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